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To Create + Collaborate + Solve
Always creating, problem solving and collaborating. Developing products that stimulate and properly facilitate the end user’s needs. Leading through example, team building and process orientation. Ever motivated to improve protocols that bring products to reality most efficiently with the least environmental impact. Seeking to work with people aligning to on demand manufacturing while reaching for the best results possible.
  • Building product portfolios including existing, in-process and new concept development
  • Researching + implementing new technologies increasing speed to market
  • Providing real return on investment through creative branding + right first time manufacturing
  • Team building through internal + external talent acquisition 
  • Team member able to work with multiple disciplines to conceptualize, research, test and realize final product development
  • Mentorship + coaching partners on 3D processes to improve performance increasing productivity
  • Optimistically kind + intelligently curious, leading organizations to higher productivity and customer success
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